Half Tuck Stripes

Hey Guys! Happy Thursday! Yesterday’s look was so effortless and unplanned. Doctors appointment at 9am, trial two strand twists that I wanted to remain unseen, and a threatening sky full of clouds — practicality comes into play sometimes. 20140716-234938-85778614.jpg

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One Week of Instagram.




Instagram recaps go a little something like this. Picture. Caption. Thoughts. Repeat. Why? Why not. Are you following yet?

“peeking out beyond my brolic turtleneck … Polar Vortex: The Sequel”

this Gap turtleneck is my go-to sweater when braving these brutal conditions. I don’t know what’s gotten into Mother Nature but, she needs to get her mind right before I hop on a plane to change the forecast. Baller alert.


” leather x leather”

After last weeks score at the thrift store, one of my girlfriends has been sending me text messages threatening my closet, lol. so she came for a visit and i took her (really to keep her away from my clothes – jk) but it was a win-win. She found some amazing pieces and I scored another vintage purse – & this one fits my camera perfectly!


“Just Show Your Face In Broad Daylight (like Mike)” 

rocking my newly & thrifted coat with real fur (sorry PETA) and red vintage purse makes me feel BAD like MJ.


“the beautiful icicle that comes for a visit every snow storm”

Last “Polar Vortex” I wasn’t able to snap a shot of the beauty before it crashed on my deck and scared the living whazoo out of me! Once I saw it was back, I grabbed my phone and **click click ** just in time before inevitable crash.


“Life got crisscrossed, totally crossed out — @RealColeWorld”

On the weekends, I like to relax. Boyfriend jeans means relaxed. Heels that are comfortable & with rubber soles in the snow is relaxed. Flannel shirt tied around my waist is relaxed. A worn in baseball hat & leather jacket is relaxed. Totally bossed out is relaxed.


“it’s all in the details”

Testing out my newly thrifted bags this weekend was fun. But I get pure joy out of fabulous details, hence this.


“I stay ‘Strapped’ by Sinful Colors.”

I’ve been itching for new nail polish colors since my last run in with Walgreens beauty aisle. So I tuned in to my reruns of reality TV & pulled out my mani bag full of tools ( every girl has one full of polishes, nail filers, cuticle cutters, removers, sponges, top coats and a whole bunch of crap you don’t use) got to work! Not too shabby for a DIY.

& again, I ask — are you following coco & click on Instagram yet?



favorite crazy aunt, Betsey.

now this one is FUN ! GET CRAZY ! 

BETSEY JOHNSON’s style is so wild that you can literally throw on any form of
— bangles
— pink lips and dark eyes
— morning hair

just do me a favor … make sure you cartwheel everywhere. I don’t care how dizzy you get, lol. have a cupcake ;)

Uncle Karl.

— black tailored black suit
— black patent leather loafers
— black skinny tie 
— black aviator sunglasses
— black fingerless leather gloves.

— black leather belt with metal buckle

ah yes, white oxford shirt 

— white WIG 
— long chain necklaces

don’t want to buy a new pair of loafers (even tho they are so on trend) ? spray paint an old pair. can’t find fingerless gloves? cut the fingers off. be creative & have fun ! whatever you do NEVER take off your shades no matter how hard the drunkie next to you tries to convince you. you always have to be photo op ready ;)

DIY : distressed cut offs

Thank goodness I woke up with an outfit already in my head when I got the “Brunch?” text. With 30 minutes to get dressed and ready to walk out of the door, cut-offs were necessary. Only problem ? I didn’t want to wear any that I already had. So .. 

Do – It – Yourself .

sheer Club Monaco button up + former Joe’s jeans + strappy platforms.

1. start with old denim — thrifted or ones that are already in your closet. know the fit before you start cutting. depending on the style you’re trying to achieve, you may want to go with your “fat jeans” for boyfriends. 

2. cut your jeans to where you want them to fall. & the process is halfway over. 

3. now here’s the tricky part — distressing. I only know one way to explain this process, slice and dice your jeans from left to right with scissors. for best results, a single razor blade.

4. Add oil, paint, dirt. Taryn & her kid sis even used tye dye. limitless options. 

TIP : I cut and distressed my shorts while wearing them. Try it.
not to hurt yourself tho. I don’t do lawsuits !

next time when I’m not in a rush for amazing pancakes and OJ (it’s the simple things), I’ll do a real tutorial — video and all. 


I have been on pins and needles waiting for this video to premiere. Why? Not only am I a fan of the lovely, Marsha Ambrosius, I was BLESSED enough to have been the assistant wardrobe stylist for her LATE NIGHTS AND EARLY MORNINGS video. It was an amazing experience! Fun, too!!

Fashion Stylist : Robyn Fernandes

Assistant Fashion Stylist : STACi P.


While working in this industry, I’ve realized a couple of things. One, only the strong survive! Two, no matter how hard you work, sometimes some things just don’t make the cut. Doesn’t make them any less fab, just wasn’t right for this project. These, my friends, were unable to make the cut .. 

MADE BY YOURS TRULY, while on set, with minutes to spare before she performed the last scene of the day.

I T  W A S  M A G I C A L !!

hope you enjoyed the video and vote for Marsha’s video EVERYWHERE!!