stadium status … BALLIN’ OUTTA CONTROL !

When I found out my boys were ballin like it was still ’04, I had to see in person. 

So ZANEB & I went to the Prudential Center to watch the final game of the New York Knicks Corporate league. JOSH and JOEY were playing for BNP Paribas. MAJOR!

— before I knew who they played for, I was thinking of wearing my Knicks tee. Should’ve … should’ve bought Click with me, too but didn’t think they would let her in the stadium. next time, because there will be a next time — 

we were just being silly “say heyyy”

& then the legend walked in … Walt “Clyde” Frazier

S/O to the champions in our eyes for a good game ( so close, 2pts!) 

they got laced. 

” it aint Spalding “ – name the movie 

3.1 Phillip Lim lemons tank. AA high waisted shorts. BCBG wedges.

all pics taken on my iPhone 4. 

sand & sunnies

Beach day at The Hamptons ?

” I’m into it ! ” — #ATEAM

After POSEY & I spent 3 hours in the car trying to get out of the city, we found ourselves in Southampton. If I didn’t know any better you would think we arrived on some land far, far away — not Long Island. 

It was definitely a scorching day but everything that the doctor prescribed!

White sand. Semi-blue water. We were ready for fun in the sun!

POSEY is too funny ! She had me cracking up all day !

I’ll have to ask her again, but we named her style — something like futuristic vintage. Whatever it was, it described her to the tee. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. No white doves.

POSEY showing off her henna tattoo that she got on set. I can not wait until this movie comes out. Love supporting my friends do big things!  Remember the names, people. I’m telling you. {#cockypost}

It’s unreal how many pictures we took — photo shoots are life. 

Hamptonites were all over the beach — we were squirrells just tryna get a nut. 

The effortless chic style was everything I expected. Diva’d out in the dimest way. Just cause. Okayyy … 

s/o to POSEY for all of these great shots of me. Toot-toot ? 

That girl good.

Love the homie. Can’t believe she wore that hoodie on the beach. I was dying looking at her. For the love of fashion!

Poor trail mix didn’t stand a chance. Those M&M’s were melting in your mouth, in your hand, in the sand.

I swapped out my beloved Ray Bans for my hottie tottie Tom Ford’s. 

Just for the day.

I don’t know how many hours we were out there but the sun will drain you. Being hours away from home, tired, drenched in sand, hoping for tan lines, and having to get home for a barbeque .. POSEY & I had to say farewell to Southampton for the time being to head back to Jersey. Bittersweet but SO happy we got out for the day. Far enough to feel like a getaway but close enough to make it over and over again …

Trust — it’s goin down (meet me in the .. )

nothing better than a sunset to end a perfect day.