bootcut jeans with the beaded trim, girrrl.

the symbol formally known as Play’s creative nook. She was sketching what we would look like when we get old.

–When she sends me the pic, I’ll be sure to share. It’s too good, not to. —

Oh, I’m sorry .. she said she’s going to stop saying “old,” instead “how many years do you have?” shout out to the & PLAY conversations!

*currently cracking the eff up thinking about all of random talks this weekend* 

“Take One.” “… for the season” – & PLAY.

Meet & (symbol formally known as) Play.

before we leave the apartment, we must always take a mirror pic & have “exit music” playing.

Nothing like a New York slice of pizza! And Posey insisted on a root beer (blahh!) in the bottle. Authenticity. 

i thought corner stores were open 24 hours. apparently only the drive-thru. 

a cab ride in NY is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. RUN FORREST! 

Harlem streets definitely hold a special place in my heart.