Brights & Burgers

20140422-085750.jpgHey Friends! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! The doctor prescribed a lot of relaxation for me & you know I follow doctor’s orders ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was the first weekend I was finally able to chill on our balcony & I loved it. Painted my nails, read some gossip mags & watch the neighbors kids play with their dog. The hardest decision I madeย all weekend was choosingย a color for my pedi. It was nice!

20140422-091607.jpgSunday we didn’t go to the fams for Easter dinner, instead we opted for the infamous White Mana Diner burger joint! What a good decision we made (haha!) โ€” These little minis are BANGIN’!

20140422-091749.jpgI’m assuming this sign comes from “1939 WORLD’S FAIR”ย โ€” but don’t hold me to it.

20140422-091854.jpgI’ve been coming here for years & never knew they served breakfast! Took notes.


Them keeping everything original,ย including the retro tiles, just takes you back in the day after a football game, sipping on a “malt” while sitting next to your favorite boy .. or nah?
20140422-093202.jpgThey may have been open for Easter Sunday but the little sign above let us know they would be closed Monday for a taping. Apparently, they’re major and do “this kinda stuff allย of the time” says the sweet chef. Cool!
20140422-095313.jpg* the shadow has me looking diseased*ย 20140422-095920.jpgmy mouth is watering just typing this & I had FOUR the other day!ย 

20140422-100033.jpgโ€” details โ€”

โ€” hoodie: Pink by Victoria Secret โ€” denim : H&M โ€” mules โ€” Lucky Brand



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