Denim Gladiators.

Hey Friends! Yesterday was the kind of Monday we all dream of having! What I thought was going to be a failed plan turned out so right and better than ever imagined!  Happy Monday, or nah?

Young & Wild Boho.

Happy Saturday Friends! Have I told you I’ve been on a “natural hair” journey this Summer? Yea, I don’t really know what that means besides me just trying to embrace the me I was born as and work with instead of against these curls. One day, I’ll do a post on products, style and all … More Young & Wild Boho.

Half Tuck Stripes

Hey Guys! Happy Thursday! Yesterday’s look was so effortless and unplanned. Doctors appointment at 9am, trial two strand twists that I wanted to remain unseen, and a threatening sky full of clouds — practicality comes into play sometimes. 

Royal Stripes.

Hey Guys! I’m finally and fully back from the long holiday weekend I took for myself! Not many pictures taken, not much talk about the blog, just a lot of fun and relaxation with the family + friends! Hope you had a good and safe Fourth too! But, now it’s time to work again! & … More Royal Stripes.

Coke Confession.

It’s the first of the month..Get up, Wake up! Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend and now looking back on the past month, enjoyed the heck out of June! If you didn’t, just know July will be a good one!! We have only 3 days left until it’s a holiday full of … More Coke Confession.