My Favorite Smoothie!

Hey beautiful people! You all know I’m trying to be more conscious about what I eat. Smoothies have always been my go-to for an on-the go breakfast, easy lunches when, even salads are too complicated and the perfect snack that will keep you full for hours! To be very honest, this is a recipe for a smoothie I … More My Favorite Smoothie!

Nuts for Snacks! 

Hey Friends! If you’re following me already on Instagram, you may be familiar with my not so recent change to a Pescatarian diet. If you’re not, it’s all good — I wrote a full post on my food journey. You can read it here. Now that I am fully indulged in this Pescatarian lifestyle and #TransitioningToVegan, I … More Nuts for Snacks! 

My Pescatarian Journey

When people find out I have given up meat, they understandably want to know why. There are countless others out there on the same journey, as well as, plenty unfamiliar with the lifestyle and that’s okay! I practice a Pescatarian diet. For me, that means I do not eat any animal that walks on land. I went from four … More My Pescatarian Journey


As you all know (or as you should know), yesterday Carvel celebrated their 80th Anniversary by gifting everyone a FREE cone! Free is one of my favorite words. Should’ve been my first! After a long day of errands to get ready to for vacation, you know I had to treat myself with dairy & rainbow goodness!

Brights & Burgers

Hey Friends! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! The doctor prescribed a lot of relaxation for me & you know I follow doctor’s orders 😉 It was the first weekend I was finally able to chill on our balcony & I loved it. Painted my nails, read some gossip mags & watch the … More Brights & Burgers

see. food. ahhhhh !

I havent’t been to  City Island in yearsssss … had to hit it up this past weekend.  stroll down memory lane. (so tell me where you from) UPTOWN BABY ! “which restaurant did you go to? the last one ?” YUP, Johnny’s Reef Restaurant. ordered shrimp & fries. sat outside .. & devoured my grub. couldn’t leave Coco at … More see. food. ahhhhh !

The Grove, Houston

I know by the looks of things, seems like all I did was eat in Houston. I promise you we did so much more ! I’m telling you food in the South is worth mentioning. Deliciousness at its finest ! The Grove was no different.  Even the drinks were bangin. At first I ordered my usual … More The Grove, Houston