Spring Green

Hey Fly Friends! Late March here in Jersey means you’re still wearing Winter essentials with minor hints of Spring. You literally have to be prepared for every season. Two weeks ago we had a blizzard, last week we were in the 70’s and today it was raining off and on all day! However, the fact that … More Spring Green

My Pescatarian Journey

When people find out I have given up meat, they understandably want to know why. There are countless others out there on the same journey, as well as, plenty unfamiliar with the lifestyle and that’s okay! I practice a Pescatarian diet. For me, that means I do not eat any animal that walks on land. I went from four … More My Pescatarian Journey

Cozy Cardi.

Hey Guys! I hope you’re staying warm. It’s been so cold lately, I haven’t even wanted to go outside. Frolicking in negative degrees is not fun! Hence, me taking pictures in the garage. Don’t judge me! How long did The Groundhog say we have left?

Running Wild in Black.

Found me another one … vintage Coach bags are starting to be my thing! I love classic Fendi and Chanel, I mean who doesn’t? But, these all leather Coach bags, especially the cross-body, are so effortless! Can you believe this is my first black one?