Curl’s Dynasty Defines My Curls & Confidence!

Hey Beautiful People! Lately I’ve been full of confidence (still grounded, of course) but, after I took my Senegalese twists out, I was worried it was all a facade. As I continue to grow on this self love journey, I wasn’t completely sure. So, I used some of my new products from #CC12DaysofGiveaways and finally … More Curl’s Dynasty Defines My Curls & Confidence!

The Real You

Hey Beautiful People! This past weekend was very eventful (no pun intended) but, the conversations that surfaced was everything that I didn’t know I needed and so much more! If you asked me last year, do I feel like I have people in my life that truly understand the creative struggle — eh, not really. … More The Real You

Walking Testimony.

Hey beautiful people! That very long holiday weekend is finally (I’m not one for the holidays) over and we are back to our regularly scheduled programs. Which reminded me of all of the times I didn’t think I was going to make it through something only to get through, look back and feel like I … More Walking Testimony.