Half Tuck Stripes

Hey Guys! Happy Thursday! Yesterday’s look was so effortless and unplanned. Doctors appointment at 9am, trial two strand twists that I wanted to remain unseen, and a threatening sky full of clouds — practicality comes into play sometimes. 

One Week of Instagram.

      Instagram recaps go a little something like this. Picture. Caption. Thoughts. Repeat. Why? Why not. Are you following yet? “peeking out beyond my brolic turtleneck … Polar Vortex: The Sequel” this Gap turtleneck is my go-to sweater when braving these brutal conditions. I don’t know what’s gotten into Mother Nature but, she … More One Week of Instagram.

Uncle Karl.

— black tailored black suit — black patent leather loafers — black skinny tie  — black aviator sunglasses — black fingerless leather gloves. — black leather belt with metal buckle — ah yes, white oxford shirt  — white WIG  — long chain necklaces don’t want to buy a new pair of loafers (even tho they … More Uncle Karl.